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Old news 2014-2015
(2013-2014 school year)

                  Csaplar, Cooey
2015/3/30: We had our induction ceremony to ODE (Omicron Delta Epsilon) Economics Honor Society.  Pictured is the one new member, Dakota Maravelis with Professor Csaplar and Professor Emeritus Cooey.  (The picture is below the awards ceremony pictures.)  Missing are Allison Snyder and R Jared Roque.

2015/3/4: We are pleased to announce that we have hired Aaron Honsowetz  as our Prof. Aaron Honsowetzsecond economist starting in the Fall of 2015.  He will be finishing his Ph.D. in Economics this May at George Mason University.  That is the same school that David Youngberg got his Ph.D. from and Wilf says that everybody he has interviewed from there has been impressive.

2015/1/15: We have nobody taking comps, but good luck to those who are taking them.

2014/8/21: We welcome Sydma Hatzopolous and Andy Fletcher as adjuncts teaching some of the courses which James Yoo was supposed to teach this semester.  Sydma has a lot of experience and is a great teacher.  We are lucky to have her.

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