Here is a list of helpful links. Students should pay extra careful attention to the departmental Academic Misconduct Policy.

For data, consider these sources.

BEA - economic data from the Bureau of Economic Analaysis
BLS - there are a lot of macroeconomic and microeconomic data, focusing on labor.
BLS International has a lot of links to data from other countries
Federal Reserve - economic data
Bull and Bear Wise - government deficit information
Debt Clock - government debt - report on government transparency
HDR Reports Human Development Index and reports
NBER - Macro, industry, trade, patent, hospital and demographic data (US).
World Bank - Data from all over the world on education, economic policy, health, etc.
HFS - Historical Financial Statistics, aiming to date back to 1492. Lots of unique data sets.
G-Econ - Geographically based (longitude and latitude) economic data and incudes data from all over the world.
IRS - for tax information, forms and instructions
IMA - for managerial accounting information
SEC - Securities and Exchange Commission - financial statement filings
Benchmarking - for industry ratios

For accounting, the following websites are particularly important.

AIPCA - there is a link to a student site from this site
Future CPA - for students thinking about careers in accounting
IMA Students - student resources, scholarships, career counseling etc
FASB - for information about GAAP

Websites for economics are below.

AEA - American Economics Association
Marginal Revolution - an economics blog with Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok
The Conscience of a Liberal - Paul Kruman's economics blog, often about trade and macroeconomics.
Freakonomics - an entertaining economics blog by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dunber.
Grasping Reality with Both Hands - Brad DeLong's blog, usually about macroeconomics.
EconLog - an economics blog maintained by Bryan Caplan, David Henderson, and Garett Jones.
Economist's View - Mark Thoma's economics blog, usually about macroeconomics.
Overcoming Bias - Robin Hanson's blog, usually about how our brains fool us.
EconTalk - Interviews with economists (usually) about a wide range of topics. Includes several Nobel laureates.
JimBobJenkins - William Spaniel teaches game theory from the ground up in a YouTube series.
Library of Economics and Liberty - An extensive online library of economic concepts.

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