Comprehensive Exams

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Tips on studying for comprehensive exams:

  • Ask the professor that is writing the exam what should be studied.
  • Each professor is different, so the guidelines here may not apply.
  • The professor will generally ask what they feel is the most important topics.
  • A few professors may have typed study guides.
  • Look over your book, old notes, and tests.
  • Ask professors for your final exam from the course, if applicable.
Here is some addition advice from professors:
  • Prof. Csaplar. "If the exam is in a course that I taught you, then you should go to the finals from that course. Since the test you will be taking for my course will be much shorter than the final exam, you should only study the most important topics. (If you cannot find your final, then click here.)

  • Prof. Yoo. Ask him.

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