Economics and Business Department's Announcements

There is a tutor Tuesdays 6:00 - 7:30 and Wednesdays from 6:00 to 7:30 for Economics.
The Accounting tutor (who can do economics if there are no accounting students) will tutor on Mondays from 6:00 - 7:30 and Thursdays 6:00 - 7:30.
All tutoring is done in Morlan 101.

2011/4/14: We did well at Honors Convocation.  In addition to our departmental awards, we won TWO of the four all campus awards.  Congratulations to Alyssa Schrecengost and Alexander Stubbs.  Our departmental awards include Alyssa Schrecengost, Samantha Hall, Eric Fudala, and Cassidy Drilling winning the Kirkpatrick Award, Caitlin McNeill won the Cooey Value Added Award, Samantha Hall won the Korb Award, and Cassidy Drilling won the Miller Award.
2011/4/10: After an extremely long search which included a huge number of highly qualified people, we hired David Youngberg who is finishing his Ph.D. at George Mason.
2011/1/24: Classes started.  Good luck and work hard.
2011/1/21: Everybody who took comps passed.  Eric Fudala earned distinction.  Congratulations to all!
2010/11/4: Samantha Hall won the the West Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountant's Outstanding Accounting Senior Award.  Congratulations!

2010/10/9: We have hired Mary Pockl to teach Auditing I and II for us.  We are looking forward to hearing about her 23 years of work.
2010/8/23: Classes started.  Good luck to all and work hard.
2010/5/15: Congratulations to Randy Stuckwish who one the Oreon E. Scott Award at graduation.  Congratulations to all who graduated.
2010/4/15: We had multiple ALL CAMPUS award winners.  Kelly Sofka won the Francis O. Carfer Prize for the Outstanding Senior, Randy Stuckwish won the Bethany 2000 Prize for an Outstanding Senior, and Tom Kisner won the Kenedy Prize for Outstanding Junior Man.  We also had our own awards given.  Geoffrey T. Clark and  Jay M. Lyonett split the Eugen Miller Award.  Logan W. Kowcheck, Kelly C. Sofka, and Randal S. Stuchwish split the Kirkpatrick Award.  Logan Kowcheck won the Korb Entrereneurial Spirit Award.  The inagural W. Randolph Cooey Value Added Award went to Brett A. Radadker and Douglas R. Davidson.  Congratulations!
2010/4/15: Dr. Csaplar will be promoted to Professor starting July 1.

2010/2/23:  An anonymous donor  endowed the W. Randolph Cooey Value Added Award  for the Senior who got the most value added from their Bethany education.  It was announced today to coincide with his last birthday before he retires.  Congratulations!
2010/1/29: Econ Club will meet Thursdays at 3:45 in Morlan 103.
2010/1/22: Congratulations to all who took comps.  All passed and some got distintion.
2010/1/1: Wilf Csaplar Jr., is now the chair of the department.
2009/8/25: Welcome to the start of the semester.
2009/5/30: The ECON Club trip to Eastern Europe went well.
2009/5/16: Congratulations to all who graduated.
2009/5/1: All passed comps!  Well done.

2009/1/21: Congratulations!  All who took the comps passed.  One even got distinction!  Well done.
2009/01/19 Good luck to those taking comps.
2008/12/13: Good luck on final exams.
2008/8/25: Classes started.
2008/5/12: Congratulations to our graduates.
2008/4/30: Congratulations to all who passed comps, and especially to those with distiction.
2008/4/20  Congratulations to Jennifer Manor who won the Bethany 2000 award.
2008/1/28: Classes started and we welcome our newest member of the department John Osborne.
2008/1/25: All of our majors who took comps passed, one with distinction!  Congratulations.
2007/12/15: Congrats to all who did well this semester.
2007/8/27: Classes started today.
2007/05/05: Graduation was fun.

2007/4/30: All of the seniors who took comps passed them and some got distinction!

2007/4/05: Congratulations to all those who won awards - especially our own Sabrina Iqbal who won the Bethany 2000 award.
2007/3/20: The Economics Club went to Minneapolis for the Midwest Economics conference.

2007/1/24: The Economics Club changed its meeting time to 6:15 on Wednesdays in Old Main 105.
2007/1/12: All of the seniors in the department who took comps passed them and some got distinction!  Well done!
2006/10/20: The Economics Club meetings wll be at 5:30 from now on.
2006/10/13: Muhammed Yunus and Grameen Bank won the Nobel Peace Prize.  That is where Sabrina Iqbal worked as an intern last summer.
2006/10/08: Sabrina Iqbal is homecoming queen!
2006/09/29: Economics major, David Hayes introduced former Secretary of the Treasury, Paul O'Neill's speech.  Click here to see the picture.

2006/09/21: Paul O'Neill will be talking at Commencement Hall on Thursday, 9/28 at 2:00.
2006/09/12: New dates are posted for senior projects.
2006/09/04: The Econ Club meeting will be at 5:30 this week because of the 6:00 meeting of all potential majors in Accounting or Economics who do not have an advisor in the department.
2006/8/28: Classes started.  We should have a tutoring schedule soon.
2006/5/6: Graduation was great.  Sometime, I hope to list the jobs received by the class of 2006.  There are many great jobs.
2006/3/22: Starting either today or next week, there is an additional tutor on Wednesday evening from 7:00 to 9:00.  The Monday evening tutor 's money has run out so he may not be be there, but the rest of the tutoring schedule below is unchanged.
2006/01/26:  The tutoring schedule is: Accounting and Economics if no accounting students are waiting on Monday 2:00 - 4:00; Economics Monday 6:00 - 8:00; Economics Wednesday 2:00 - 4:00; Economics Thursday 7:00 - 9:00.

2006/01/13: Everybody who took comps passed - some with distinction.  Congratulations!
2005/12/21: We have hired Prof. Virgil Thompson as the Accounting Professor for next semester.

2005/12/13: Classes ended today.  Good Luck with finals!

2005/11/17: Prof. Katz will not make it here next semester.

2005/9/2: The tutors for the department are in Morlan Hall 101.  They are Monday 6:00 - 8:00, Tuesday 3:00 - 5:00, and Thursday 2:00 - 4:00.  If the problem is accounting, then it is best that you show up on Tuesday, but the other tutors may be able to help.  If the problem is in Economics, then it is best to show up on Mondays or Thursdays, but the other tutor may be able to help.

2005/8/22: Dr. Csaplar won the Bortz Award for Innovative use of Technology in the Classroom.  Congratulations!

2005/8/15: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Prof. Katz's classes will be taught by other people and we look forward to having Prof. Katz here in the spring.

2005/7/10: We hired Prof. Norman Katz to replace George Slusarz.

2005/5/7: Graduation was wonderful, but at times damp.  For the second straight year, our department had the Oreon E. Scott Award winner for the highest GPA!  Congratulations to Jennifer Bergstrom.

2005/4/30: All seniors taking comprehensive exams in May passed.  That means all seniors in the department passed this year, including the student who failed last year.  We even had 7 distinctions.

2005/3/17: A new major, International Economics with Study Abroad has been approved by the school.  It is an Interdisciplinary Studies major to be supervised by Dr. Csaplar. 

2005/5/5: Our accountant, George Slusarz resigned his position for a position in Oklahoma near his ailing son and with a lot more pay.  Good luck George.

2005/2/27 The Economics Club went to Chicago for a few days with Prof. Cooey.

2005/1/24: The tutoring schedule is 2:00 - 4:00 PM on Mondays for Accounting (and Economics if no accounting students are wanting help), 6:00 - 8:00 PM on Wednesdays for Economics students, and 2:00 - 4:00 PM on Thursdays for Economics students. (The green is a change from before.)

2005/1/19: The Economics Club is planning a trip to Chicago, probably during break. 

2005/1/17: Classes started.  The tutoring schedule will be posted soon.  Good luck to all students, and study hard.

2005/1/14: All seniors in the department, who took comprehensive exams this week, passed and a large number earned distinction.  Congratulations

2004/11/18: The Economics Club President gave this final report about the trip to Washington, DC and other information:
Hello everyone....I hope you aren't too awful busy during this last week before break...I just wanted to fill everyone in on some things:

*The DC trip went pretty well from what I could tell besides the rain Friday)...but it was very informative and a lot of fun...we had plenty of money for the trip and there should be around $170 left which will transfer over to next semester.

*The officers for next semester are: President:  David Hayes Vice President:  Sabrina Iqbal Secretary:  Hillary Norman Treasurer:  Clayton Williams

*This past wednesday was technically my last meeting as president....I have turned the reins over to, please check your e-mails to see when or if he wants to have a meeting...OFFICERS:  you all may want to have some sort of meeting to discuss what you want to put on the budget for next semester.  There are only 2 wed. when we get back, so i didn't figure there was any point in having meetings....unless David decides to.  

*For those of you that signed up to do the Relay for Life:  don't forget it's December 10-11, from 6pm to 12 pm....we currently have 18 members on our team, so you'll only have to walk about an hour...i will e-mail you all with specifics as i find them out....please let me know if you have any questions...and don't forget to get donations!!

*Alright, I think that's everything, if anyone has any questions, please let me or David know... Thanks to everyone who helped me and to everyone who participated in our activities!!  I really appreciated it!!


2004/09/03: The accounting tutor (who can tutor for economics if there are no accounting students), will tutor Mondays from 6:00 - 8:00.  The economics tutors are available on Tuesdays from 8:00 - 10:00 and Wednesdays from 2:00 - 4:00.  All tutoring is in Morlan 101.

2004/09/01: Starting next Wednesday, the Economics Club will meet on Wednesdays at 6:30 in Old Main 105.

2004/08/30: Classes started.

2004/07/16: Because of the summer break, the web master has been lax in doing his duties to announce that we have hired two new colleagues, Professors Slusarz and Ramjee.  We look forward to working with these two distinguished professors.  More about them will appear under their biographies soon.

2004/05/23: We placed an advertisement for the replacement for Dr. McConkie.

2004/05/21: Professor McConkie announce he is taking another job.  We wish him good luck in his endeavors.

2004/05/12: We said a warm "Good Bye" to Professor Hendrickson at a party in her honor.

2004/05/08: Graduation was wonderful and Kristy McGrew won the Oreon Award for highest GPA!

2004/4/20: The search for the accounting position is being broadened.

2004/4/16: The Economics Club had a wonderful dinner and gave Professor Hendrickson a plaque thanking her for her work.

2004/02/19: We placed a job description on the "Job Openings" page.

2004/01/22: The web page is mostly up and running.  Professor Hendrickson is leaving us at the end of the year.  We will miss her.

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