The Economics Program          

Welcome to the Economics Program, in the Department of Physical and Computational Sciences. 

We are the home of the hardest working students on campus.  In addition to many all-campus awards our graduates included the valedictorians for 2004 and 2005.  Also, the valedictorians for 2009, 2010, and 2014 had nearly half of their required major courses in our program.

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2015/9/17: We found an interesting article on the Wall Street Journal.  According to it, Economics majors have the highest starting salary of all undergraduate majors other than in STEM fields.  Even higher than Business, Accounting, and Finance.  Also, EconomHonsowetz, Maravelis, Csaplarics majors have the fourth largest increase in salary from starting to mid-career. The three with larger increases still had lower salaries than Economics majors.  (

2015/8/26: Congratulations to Dakota Maravelis.  He is the Senior Fellow.  He is pictured between Professor Honsowetz and Professor Csaplar.

2015/8/24: Classes started today.  We welcome Aaron Honsowetz as the second economist.  He has some great plans for the future.  We look forward to implementing some of them.
Prof. Csaplar and Allison Snyder
2015/5/8: Everybody in the Economics Program who took comps passed them.  Congratulations!  Good luck to everybody else on finals.

2015/4/16: We cleaned up at the Honors Day Awards.  In addition to Allison Snyder being the first person to ever win both the W. Randolph Cooey Value Added Award for getting the most value added out of her time her and the Kirkpatrick Award for being the best Economics major, we had several other awards.  There are five all-campus awards.  Even though we have only a few majors, we one two of them and a third winner took about half of his courses required by the major in our program.  Allison Snyder (a Senior majoring in International Prof.
        Petersen & Dakota MaravelisEconomics pictured with Professor Wilf Csaplar Jr.) won the John R. Taylor Award for exemplifying the liberals tradition.  Dakota Maravelis (a Junior majoring in International Economics pictured below with Professor Mark Petersen) won the W. F. Kennedy Prize for being the outstanding Junior Man.  Neil Verley (a Senior Finance major who had to take about half of his required  classes in Economics) won The Francis O. Carfer Prize for outstanding Senior. 

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